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MA6 Moscow Airports is a fully illustrated glossy 120+ page magazine in A4 format (215x285mm). Periodicity: Bi-monthly. Six issues a year. Circulation: 30,000.

    Distribution by airport:

    51.5% = Domodedovo
    30% = Sheremetjovo-2
    13% = Vnukovo
    1.5% = Sheremetjovo-1
    1.5% = Ostafievo
    2.5% = other

  • in-flight to over 40 airlines
  • in Business and First Class lounges at the airports of Sheremetjevo, Domodedjovo, Vnukovo and Ostafievo.
  • couriered delivery to officials and corporations in Moscow.
  • The passengers frequenting these lounges include Russian government delegations, delegations from other countries, officials from other Russian regions and Federal districts, managers of the biggest Russian and foreign business companies, pop and cinema celebrities. For ad purposes, they are characterized by a high educational level and high consumer activity making it a clientele we are sure you are interested in reaching.

    In addition to the standard advertising possibilities: Full page, double spread, 1/3, 1/4, 1/2 pages, and inserts, we also offer placement of brand/logo on the cover as well as the full front cover for advertising - conditional of course on a design we can agree with.

    Classified advertisements can be placed. Click here. They will go into the next magazine and will also appear and stay on this website.

    We also publish sponsored articles commonly referred to as advertorials, which serve to give advertisers the opportunity to use an article format to promote their product or brand. The article is clearly marked as being sponsored to protect Moscow Airport readers, as well as the advertiser, and may be written by a Moscow Airport author or the advertiser.

    You will find further specifics concerning rates, distribution, statistics concerning these lounges, the airlines and general statistics concerning the airports to the right here. But please do not hesitate to contact us if you have nonetheless further questions. We'll try to answer them as best we can.

    We look forward to hearing from you.