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classified ads

Classified ads are an affordable means of reaching our thousands of readers.

Cost is 12$US / 8.90Euro per line (about 30 characters) for publication in 1 edition. It will also be included here on our website

Placing your ad is simple:

Email your classified ad to mosairports@gmail.com.

You will be sent an electronic invoice from ProSolutions which you can pay securely on-line.

In person:

Compose your text and bring it to our office in Moscow with your payment.

35 Arbat, 3rd Floor, Office 332.

Working hours: Mon-Friday 10-6:30pm.

Phone: (495) 248-1774.

Moscow Airports reserves the right to reject any and all ads submitted at its sole judgment, including ads from persons or companies that complaints have been received on. Moscow Airports does not endorse any product or service offered via these advertisements. While we try to monitor these ads we cannot be responsible for their content.
If the services of your company are subject to licensing in accordance with Russian law on advertising, then the license number and issuing agency need to be mentioned in the text of your advertisement. If your product requires certification, then your advertisement text must contain something to that effect.