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Moscow Airports' reach exceeds the lounges. We have agreements with 40 airlines taking the magazine as in-flight literature, which, in turn, gives advertisers daily exposure to new passengers. Readers hail from many different countries, but come predominantly from Russia.

Distribution by airlines/lounges:

38% = International airlines
22% = CIS airlines
25% = Russian airlines
10% = Charter Jets
 4% = Lounges
 1% = other


Air Moldova (Moldova) - Domodedjovo
Egyptair (Egypt) - Domodedjovo
Iberia (Spain) - Domodedjovo On presentation
SN Brussels Airlines (Belgium) - Domodedjovo
Lufthansa (Germany) Sheremetjovo Business Lounge
MALEV (Hungary) - Sheremetjovo
MIAT (Mongolia) - Sheremetjovo
Olympic Airways (Greece) - Sheremetjovo
Royal Jordanian (Jordan) - Sheremetjovo
Adria Airways (Slovenia) - Sheremetjovo
Korean Air (Korea) - Sheremetjovo
Bulgaria Air (Bulgaria) - Sheremetjovo
CSA Czech Airlines (Czech Republic) - Sheremetjovo
Ariana Afghan Airlines (Afghanistan) - Sheremetjovo
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Commonwealth of Independent States:

Uzbekistan Airways (Uzbekistan) - Domodedjovo
Alti Air (Kirgisia) - Domodedjovo
Dnipro Avia (Ukraine) - Domodedjovo
Tajikistan (Tajikistan) - Domodedjovo
Fly LAL (Lithuania) - Sheremetjovo
Lvovski Airline (Ukraine) - Vnukovo / Domodedjovo
Ilji Avia (Ukraine) - Vnukovo
Motor Sich (Ukraine) - Vnukovo
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Russian Federation:

Bugulminske Airline (Russia) - Domodedjovo
VIM-Avia (Russia) - Domodedjovo
Perm Airlines (Russia) - Domodedjovo
Centre-Avia (Russia) - Domodedjovo
Severstal Airline Russia - Domodedjovo
Tatarstan (Russia) - Domodedjovo
KMV (Russia) Vnukovo / Domodedjovo
Kaliningrad Avia (Russia) - Vnukovo / Domodedjovo
Karat (Russia) - Vnukovo / Domodedjovo
Ural Avialine (Russia) - Vnukovo / Domodedjovo
Kosmos (Russia) - Vnukovo
Elbrus-Avia (Russia) - Vnukovo
Yakutia (Russia) - Vnukovo
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Business Charter Flights / Companies:

Fort Aero
Jet Transfer
Kursemes Avio
Travers Avia Service
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