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... and welcome to the English on-line version around our magazine Moscow Airports.

Premier Avia lounge Out of the millions of passengers passing through airports, about ten thousand use VIP lounges every month. They are looking for peace in the midst of a lot of motion.

Our magazine provides agreeable reading material for seasoned travellers resting in one of the VIP lounges at the airports of Moscow.

You will also find Moscow Airports on board of some 40 airlines including the exclusive jet charters Fort Aero, Jet Transfer, Barkol, Bilina, Kursemes Avio, Rusline and Travers Avia Service.

We cover unique interviews with celebrities, we feature remarkable international airports in addition to beautiful landmarks both inside and outside Russia. We have a fashion section as well as reports about technological news and breakthroughs. And we are always open to suggestions and recommendations by our readers. Just drop us a note.

We hope you continue to enjoy Moscow Airports.

Irina Artua Irina Artua
Executive Editor